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[23 Jan 2007|05:04pm]
The last two and a half weeks have been rough back in NYC. My medicine rotation is going pretty well, except that I'm not doing well with the 5am wake up. I think the hardest part is working six days a week. I've always treasured my weekends and they're essentially gone. And with a limited social life it prevents me from finding distraction from thinking about nye boy. We've emailed back and forth a bit and a few text messages. But I have this gut feeling that I'm either not going to hear back from my last email or it's going to be really short and really won't warrant a response.

The most horrible thing about this whole situation is that because there is nothing to distract me in NYC I tend to fixate on that situation. Frankly I feel a little like a crazy person. As long as I can stop stalking his myspace and perhaps find someone else to distract me, I think I'll be ok :)
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[06 Jan 2007|10:58pm]
::sigh:: saw the boy from NYE last night. Frankly I'm smitten. Gonna have to get over that with the 3000 miles that will be between us. Who knows when/if I'll talk to him again. But it's been a fun week for sure. The best part is that this rejuvenated my faith in guys. I'm smiling just thinking about him... pathetic I know, but it's good for me :)
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[05 Jan 2007|12:08pm]
This last week at home has been good. Quinn's stayed with me and it's been nice to have someone to keep me company at home. She and I went to Redhook brewery yesterday and did the tour. Much fun. Our five little beer samples got us mildly buzzed. Then we came home to my dad's tasty steak dinner. Matt came over and the three of us did face masks. Little femmey I know. :)

Been in touch with the boy from NYE. He may try to meet out tonight. Frankly it's just a doomed situation. But apparently those are my favorite type :)
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[02 Jan 2007|07:43pm]
I love how the only thing that gets me to write in livejournal is boys....Since my series of bad boy stories I stayed on the DL for awhile. Had a brief relapse in Montreal. And by relapse I mean really bad decision about a boy at the bar. My judgement while drunk is such crap. Hormones definitely make my decisions for me. Sometimes I feel like a boy in that regard.

After my horrible boy luck I started to stay in more and perhaps tame my drinking adventures. I kept to safer things like flirting with classmates. The safe variety of flirting though--the type that doesn't result in the oops, my bad in the morning.

And then I come home for Christmas. Apparently months of being good results in a lot of pent up stuff. This past friday at the Kennedy Brothers I took a liking to our bartender/server. The pictures of us at the bar make me look like a stage 5 clinger--circa Wedding Crashers. Then came NYE. Unlike myself, I found a guy that I took a liking to at the beginning of the evening. I even approached him. I think living in New York has made me aggressive. He even told me I was aggressive. I'm not sure if I like this new side. But i guess there's nothing wrong with going after what you like. Long story short, ended up back at his place until close to 3p the next day. I think the funniest part of the evening was my friends' responses the next day. I walked into Elizabeth's apartment to 4 girls attacking me with quesitons. And of course Dave coming out and yelling "walk of shame" at me. I deserved it really. Apparently that night they were all trying to cock block me. Trying to get me to go home. Sounds like Dave was the only one that thought I should be able to make my own decisions--probably just so he could make fun of me in the AM. I guess they also talked about me at breakfast. Something about comparing this new years to four years ago when I met Toby. I certainly did have some flashbacks from that night. However, this entire situation will end far differently. As in, it's already ended.

I only have 5 days left in Seattle. It's always tough leaving. But next year I can do about 3 months of rotations away and I'd like to come back for at least part of that.
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Grr [07 Sep 2006|11:21pm]
Boy Saga Part II:

So, the boy with the pseudo-fiance never called. Surprise surprise. I think the major reason I was bummed is because he was the first guy I'd really had any real interest in since I started medical school. However, that night, apparently, sent me back to my old ways--the newly 21 year old partier. Every weekend I've gone out since (3 of them to be precise), I've met guys. Some I liked more than others. In particular I met this cutie on saturday night. Now, I was really really wasted on saturday (it's the damn jager I tell ya), so my judgement was certainly altered. Anyhow, I ended up bringing him home, which is certainly something I've never made the habit of. I think I can count the number of guys I've brought back to my apt or house on one hand. We departed well. He left early in the morning, with my phone number, him telling me I better answer when he calls... and alas it's 5 days later and no call. I seem to have developed piss-poor luck with gentlemen these days. I don't know what it is about me lately that draws the guys that don't call or maybe what I'm doing or not doing so they don't want to call. Not sure what I can do to change that either. Really need to stop and reevaluate what I've been doing. Perhaps a change in behavior is warranted, but I'm not sure how.
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[17 Aug 2006|10:35pm]
A tiny little part of me held out hope that the guy from last weekend was going to call. The unrealistic side of me hoped that he really didn't have a gf, etc. Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck this weekend. Or maybe I should just give up for awhile :)
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[14 Aug 2006|11:53pm]
Haven't posted in months--it seems I only manage to post when it's something boy related. Guess that shows you how little boys have been involved in my life as of late--hooking up with my ex while home certainly doesn't count :)

So here's a synopsis of my current boy escapades. Saturday night, my roommate, Steph, and I ventured away from our med school classmates and went out with her college friend and her banker coworkers. Ended up being us 3 girls and about 10 guys--our kind of ratio. Banker boys took good care of us at the bar and we were spoiled with drinks and shots all night. Needless to say we got ripped. According to standard procedure we got kicked out of the bar at the end of the night and spent way too long goofing off on the street. My roommate wandered off down the block with some gi-nourmously tall gentleman and I was by no means ready to go home. Somehow I hopped into a cab with a guy I was sure was on drugs and another I'd only briefly talked to during the evening--they said they had a hottub. How easily I'm convinced while drunk. One thing let to another and I ended up staying over with the dude that I'd barely talked to. And we had quite a bit of fun. Without noticing I ended up staying over there late into the afternoon on Sunday. As I was leaving he kissed me goodbye and got my phone number...

Now, normally I'm very pessimistic when it comes to guys I meet while drunk. I usually go under the assumption that they will not call and if they do, I'm pleasantly surprised. However, when leaving this time I actually thought he might call. That is, until I got home and talked to my roommate.

Apparently, her friend was talking to this guy earlier in the evening and he was mentioning how he was moving to Chicago in a month.... moving because his girlfriend is going to school there. And to top it off he's been ring shopping!

Frankly, I'm rather confused by his entire behavior that night, the morning after, etc. Why the hell did he get my phone number? I really wish that if a guy didn't want to call a girl he'd just not get her phone number. That avoids the whole pain of waiting for him to call. Currently I'm waiting on confirmation from a mutual friend of my roommate's who knows the guy well. However, at this juncture I'm no longer expecting him to call and I'm going to wallow in a bit of anger for awhile while this wears off. I somehow get all the luck :)
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[09 May 2006|01:19am]
As always I'm having a hard time focusing. What I choose to focus on is pointless too. For example I've been having a lot of what-if thoughts about the boy I met in Atlantic City. What I need to do is get through these exams and return back west to replenish some sanity before I move into NYC.
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[07 May 2006|12:05am]
Had my last day of classes for second year yesterday. It was overshadowed by my classmate who has ended up in the hospital again. She's doing ok right now, but she's definitely been given the shit end of the stick. While I may want to bitch about all my exams coming up, I guess I could say I'm lucky.

BTW, the domincan (in reference to my last entry) was the best trip I've ever taken. All I can really say is that i loved it. The house we stayed at definitely helped. If anyone is thinking of heading down that way and wants to rent a luxurious villa for a reasonable deal, let me know :)

I'm heading home in just over 2 weeks. It's going to be hard to be back in the Seattle area, but not really be able to see people. I have to spend the following month preparing for my boards. I don't do well with that much studying, but I think I can suck it up for that time.

Oooh, signed a lease in nyc. When I come back at the beginning of July to start Clinicals, I'll be living in manhattan. I'm so excited to get out of Valhalla. yipee!!

Guess I'm gonna go learn me some path right now. I hate cumulative tests :)
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[30 Mar 2006|08:38pm]
So I used to get headaches all the time. They would get bad enough tthat I'd take tylenol with codeine at least once a month. And usually more frequently when I was stressed. However I haven't had to take it in close to three months. However the shooting pain behind my eye tonight was enough for me to break out the bottle. And naturally I got loopy from taking it. I never felt loopy from it before, but I guess that 3 months without the drug I've lost my opiate tolerance. Loopiness does not bode well for last minute cramming. But hey, my headaches gone...

In less than 24 hours I'll be drinking and celebrating the tests will be over (I may not be celebrating a spectacular performance on the tests, but I digress). And hopefully on saturday I'll be heading to atlantic city... gambling, shopping, eating... relaxing.... and I've got a good week next week, but best of all in 9 days I'll be headed off to the beautiful Dominican Republic. I can't wait!!!!!!!
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[25 Mar 2006|01:30am]
Dawgs no go :(
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[24 Mar 2006|10:19pm]
Go DaWgs!!!
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[14 Mar 2006|12:27am]
Out of an overwhelming desire to continue my procrastinating, I decided to watch the series finale of Dawson's Creek. I watched Dawson's starting my senior year of high school and past college graduation (the show ended in 2003). As cheesy as it sounds there are a lot of memories attached to the show--mostly reminiscing about all those years I watched it. And right now, it's making me sad. Ridiculous I know. But so much has changed in those 8 years. A lot for the good, but I also feel like I lost a lot too. I miss my guy friends from high school. That quirky group (dave, alex, andy, jake, charlie, the lot of them) are irreplaceable and it saddens me to think that I don't talk to them anymore... Even though I've tried to contact Dave many times. I miss football games and the post-party at my parent's house.... I miss the "rabbit-hole" and apple juice cans and bruegger's bagels and mannequin legs and Aldrige and kiwi chapstick (ok, I realize that's a lot of inside jokes--that I probably won't remember 10 years from now, but they make me smile). I think what it comes down to is I miss the carefree days. Part of growing up I guess.
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[15 Feb 2006|11:29am]
I woke up this am to my room as hot as a sauna. The temperature control in their apartments is horrible. My room will be boiling while my roommate is fearful her toes may fall off due to hypothermia. But this morning while studying I embraced the heat. I'm eating fresh pineapple, pretending that I'm in hawaii eating breakfast. Naturally this fantasy dissipates when I look outside and see mounds of snow. But for one split second I trick my brain and am happy.

On another note, my friend had her third surgery this week, but seems to be doing a lot better. The rumor is that she may get to go home today. I hope that she does so she can really start to get better.
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[13 Feb 2006|11:55am]
I just tried to dig my car out, but gave up when my pants got soaking wet. I think I'll take a break, do some studying, and attempt again in a couple of hours.
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[11 Feb 2006|01:10am]
my roommate must stop coughing or I may get homicidal. Every since we got back from break she's had a dry weak cough. She went to a pulmonologist in the past, but refuses to follow up. For how much the cough annoys me, it has to also annoy her. I'll try to be patient, but with exams coming up that's damn near impossible. grr
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[10 Feb 2006|07:33pm]
Hey Brad, Thanks for the flowers on my userinfo page :) Don't know if you even read this to get my thank you, but alas I don't have any other contact info for you anymore. So much has changed from the days of terry hall and 5251 :)

Thanks again dude!!
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[09 Feb 2006|10:11pm]
What a bizarre week.

Monday I woke up to an e-mail from a guy I went on two dates with back in nov/dec. After that second date, I didn't call him back and figured we both lost interest. That is until I got his email on monday: "I'm not a bitter type of person, but after you completely snubbed me,
I've been hoping that SEATTLE would collapse as they usually do.
BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" Basically I got a good two days laugh out of that.

Then the week took a turn for the worse. My good friend and classmate got really sick tuesday morning and went to the WMC ER. She had to have two emergency surgeries (the first was unsuccessful). Now she seems to be doing better. She's up in the neuro icu and finally allowed to have some fluids. I think she'll be ok, but it was a scary couple days.

Now, it's time to crack down and get to studying. I've never been such a slacker before. ack. Our exams are in one week. Hopefully I can cram all this info in my head during that time. Wish me all luck :)
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Recent hiatus [20 Jan 2006|12:53pm]
As per usual life has been hectic. To summarize briefly I spent three wonderful weeks at home in Seattle/Woodinville, returned to school for two days, and then went to Paris for 5 days. I'm now back at school and finding it rather difficult to buckle down on studies. But that's really nothing new.

Highlights from home include Kennedy Brothers twice (although my memory of the second time is a bit hazy--brought on by the mutliple shots I inhaled). I actually got to see Watson that night--first time in seven months. Strange to go from seeing someone multiple times every week to not seeing or talking to someone for so long. Guess that's to be expected though. Had fun as always at Drunk Risk. Didn't win, but I don't think my aging liver could handle it. New Years returned in tradition to Jacob's apartment. Overall it was fun, but I wish that I could have avoided the lengthy discussion I had with Shane. Also it would have been nice to sleep somewhere other than on a wood floor... I worked at Dr. Mathey's office again (where I worked over the summer). It's a nice reminder of why I'm torturing myself in med school right now. Overall I didn't get to see people as much as I would have liked. My transportation was limited, as was my motivation. It was nice having time to decompress.

Last week I went to Paris to visit Rachael and Kelsea. They've been travelling Europe for the past four months, but rented an apartment in Paris for the holidays. We did a lot of shopping, eating and movie watching. And of course a lot of wine drinking. No crazy exciting stories from there, but I had fun :)

Now I'm back at school. Thankfully it's the weekend, even if I just mostly use it to catch up on much needed sleep. I'm tired of feeling groggy all the time. Let's hope I can manage to have a little fun too before things get really crazy with studying.
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[11 Dec 2005|01:58pm]
I decided to play the game what was I doing "X" number of years ago on livejournal. Focused on 2002. It was my last year at the UW and I was taking finals right around this time. I was taking graduate level biochemistry, immunology and some lame ass honors class on the environment. And yet, I went out the weekend before my finals... I was happy because it was the christmas holiday.... I had a crush on a boy (although looking back I don't understand why--seriously he's a complete freak), and crushes can be fun. I was working (which isn't always fun), but that meant I was making money. I realize I was doing most of those things to make it where I am. But damn why does this process have to suck so bad :)
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