Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,


I think that I need to post a few party highlights:
*Bob taping the top of the pineapple to his head
*8 guys and one girl smoking out on my front porch (and I didn't know any of them)
*Dave trying to climb into the attic crawl space
*6 random guys trying to help "un-depress me"
*the Canadian dancing in my room
*people trying to have sex in my basement
*the beer bottles IN my car this morning

Then there are three things that I have to say booboodat (thanks to Kya for the word) to:
*People trying to have sex on my bed with my friend passed out next to them (sex in the basement good, sex on my bed, unless it's me, is bad). But thanks to Matt#2 for regulating.
*people not cleaning up after their blender mess, even though they told me they would.
*lastly my poor mirror that broke... at least Matt's offered to fix it...

A lot more people showed up than I expected. I think at the height of the party there were close to 40 to 50 people here. Insanity--but I thrive on chaos in my life. So yeah, I think for the most part people had a good time, which is cool.

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