Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

So my whole plan got destroyed... I had just grabbed the chocolate cake and Jen hears a knock at the front door. Before checking to see who it is, she screams at me: "are you expecting someone?" I think for a moment, and respond with an almost sarcastic NO. Jen proceeds to look out the peep hole and is yelling hello to obviously an empty porch. I tell her to open the door, but she's too paranoid and I get to be the brave one. I leave the door open for a minute--no one is out there...and Jen freaks out, slams the door and screams. She proceeds to tell me that someone was pounding on the door, glaring in through the window. Then she moves on to some story about guys wandering around our house during the day, looking through our windows. She's sufficiently freaked. I try to go along with the whole story and suggest that "Hey, maybe they're at the back door." I try to set the scene to freak her out, "do you think they tried to open our front door? Because I'm not sure if I locked the back door when I came in..." And she's sufficiently freaked out of her mind. "Lindsay," she mumbles, "don't open the door." I carefully tip toe to the back room and slightly lift up the curtain (I'm a bit hesitant because I've almost scared myself)--but I don't see anyone there. However, the motion sensor lights are on in the back...hmmm... I open the curtain more to show her that no one is there, but as I look up I see bright orange in the top left corner of the window. My eyes focus a bit more and, holy shit, there's a person standing on the back step. Immediately, I drop the curtain, scream and jump away from the door. Jen is flipping out in the kitchen... and I'm close to having a heart attack. My mind quickly comes back to me and I nervously say, "oh, it's just Matt." I open the door, let Matt and Bart in, and punch both of them for scaring the shit out of me... But it was good, released some stress.

So, we watched some quality TV (including ER and Undressed) and I got to happily eat my chocolate cake. Sadly, no cheesy music and no VSEPR theories.... Maybe tomorrow... yes, tomorrow morning it is :) Now, it is time for bed... To my glorious french meadow I go, where I shall dream of laying in the floors, being fed grapes by hot Parisian men!

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