Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I've decided there's something about me that screams "Please only drop by to visit if it's after 2am." On Friday, the mystery visitor came by at about 230am, although I did get a free massage out of it. Last night, Matt, Shane, Joey and one unnamed individual came by, also at 230am, even though they knew I was going to bed early for work. Drunk off their puny little asses, they woke up my neighbors (how do I know? Because the neighbors continually yelled shut up through their front door). After a truly intellectually stimulating conversation and one member of the party stripping on the porch, I went back to bed to sleep for 3 more hours.

Although as much as I may want to complain about be woken up, I'm glad when my friends just randomly drop by to say hi. Makes me smile...

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