Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I want to share with all the highly disturbing dream I had this morning between my alarms. So, I was hiking in the swiss alps with some of my old friends in California, Anne-Marie and some guy from junior high (can't remember who). Anyway, we all got really dirty on the hike so we went back to Anne's house to take showers. Well, for some reason her shower was now in her bedroom, without a shower curtain. So, I start to take a shower, with both of them watching me. But they get hungry and go into the kitchen to eat. Well, just as I'm finishing up the shower, Anne-Marie's mom comes into the room, looking for something and we start talking about college and shit. At this point I'm finally starting to feel a bit uncomfortable taking a shower while all these people are watching... and all of a sudden a security guard walks in the room to tell Anne-Marie's mom that they can't find the criminal roaming around her house... So yeah, I woke up after that... I'd love some sort of interpretation of the dream... So, please comment :)

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