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Besides my headache today has been an awesome day. Slept for 13 hours--makes up for the complete lack of sleep on saturday night. I collapsed in my bed at 9:30, I know that's pathetic. I made up for today by working out with Jen at the Seattle Tennis Club for over an hour. I feel spoiled running on the treadmill, overlooking the water while glancing through issues of People (I'd say reading, but when you're running you can't really keep the words straight). It's almost as though I'm not really working out. Then it was off to the grocery store--thanks to Mike we got some super cheap bagels. mmmm... Although I don't think Mike really knew who I was--except that I'm friends with Adam. Does it really matter? I still got free food out of it. With food in hand, I made some tasty chow mein, while sipping read wine. Sadly in half an hour Ryan will be over here to study chemistry and the good day will go bad. hehe

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