Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Let's try to use our imaginations for a moment here--put yourself in my shoes. After spending about an hour and a half listening to my dad reprimand me for damaging my car and essentially breaking me down to the point of tears, I finally get the opportunity to leave. However, as I drive down our street, my car is making some funky noises--so I turn around to check it out. Come to find out my tire is FLAT. It's 4 o'clock and Les Schwab Tires closes at 5--which is about 20 minutes away from my house. With limited car skillz, I change the tire to my spare (dinky little thing) and rush (but not too fast as I'm not putting that much faith in the spare) to make it to Les Schwab at 4:40. Let me just tell you that I'm impressed with my ability in changing the tire and taking care of the situation. Although with the added stress of finals and my two car incidents I'm now flailing my arms about screaming--as a method to relieve frustration. So, yes, that's been my day.

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