Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Ahhh.... California for 4 relaxing yet entertaining days and nights. Here's how the stats look 2 large parties, 4 nights of drinking and very little sleep--what more could one ask for? It was great to finally meet all of Quinn's friends and even a few of Alicia's. One thing is for sure, Quinn definitely has quite a different group of friends than I do--probably partially (or largely) due to the differing atmospheres of Berkeley versus the UW. Anyway, everyone I met and hung out with was awesome--Berkeley kids know how to smoke their weed and share their loving. A hippy community at it's finest. Nothing out of the ordinary went down in California, but I truly enjoyed myself--perhaps I'll have to return again in the near future :)

Oh, but three things I won't miss about California: eating out for nearly every meal (although getting served breakfast by my hosts was phenomenal), constantly being around smokers and lastly having to stick my hand in the top part of the toilet to flush it :-P

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