Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Besides a few things that seriously pissed me off this weekend (which I don't feel like going into), I had an awesome weekend. Visited my best friend in cali, we just chilled, watched some movies (Pearl Harbor was absolutely awesome--Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett are absolutely hotties), ate at my two favorite restaurants, good times.

Saturday at the Ballroom was awesome--got to do some fun dancing, hung out with some great people, drank some tasty beer, and topped the evening off with a visit from Kya (and my stolen neighbor kitty).

Sunday I got ready for folks to come over, got completely plastered that night (Bad bad Lindsay--eeks). No details needed.....but it was a good time had by most.

Today I went and played frisbee golf with Joey, Mike, Todd and Erin. I'm horrible at the game, but it was fun. Then I topped the evening off with some tasty hot wings and cheese fries at the Wingdome (highly amusing watching the guys eat all the five alarm wings--it's kinda cute when they turn all red from the spiciness). And after some cleaning, I picked up Jen at the airport.

I'm kinda bummed that Kya never called me back, she said she had some gossip for me about last night... dang it :)

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