Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

This is the best weekend I've had in a long time. I didn't feel like there was much hanging over my head to go done or to go do--except for cleaning my room, but that's a perpetual problem with me. Anyway, Friday my girls Heather and Rachael came over. We drank bitch beer, ate pizza, salad in a bag, played some drinking games, wandered the streets of the U-District and watched a chick flick (Skulls). Yesterday, I got up, made Jen breakfast, got my passport, fixed my car, visited my parents, went to a bbq, played wiffle ball, went to a party at Adam's (it was pretty chill but the people were great and I had fun), went to IHOP with all my peeps, and sat in Dave and Matt's hottub. Today I woke up, made coffee and banana feather pankcakes, mopped the floor and cleaned the kitchen. Now we're gonna go work-out at the Tennis Club, go get bagels from Mike (props to Mike for free Noah's bagels), eat at Burger Master, and watch Legally Blond at the Metro. whew, busy weekend.

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