July 14th, 2000


New Picture....

Thanks to David (lj: DPB--I'm too lazy to link it right now)... I now have a new picture on my livejournal.... I'm leaning backwards on a pole on the ferry over to Bainbridge. Alissa took her digital camera so we took pictures.... I wish I knew how to post the rest of them.

(no subject)

I'm off to Bainbridge now... This has been quite an ordeal to figure out, but I'm meeting Matt at the ferry and then we're gonna meet up with Jen later for a movie and ice-cream. After the movie, Jen and I will go back to her house because her sister is having an astrologer over. Should be pretty fun. Tomorrow Jen is coming over here so on Sunday we can do some serious apartment searching... I hope everyone has a good weekend :)