July 19th, 2000



I'm really bad an updating my livejournal when I don't have an ethernet connection. Anyways, my interview went really well yesterday and I now have a job at the UW Medical Center as a Hospital Assistant. I start on Friday and I'm really nervous about that. Such a new type of job for me and I'm pretty clueless about it.

Anyways, yesterday, after my interview, I got together with Kara and we went on a mission to get Indian food. First we went into Bellevue to someplace she knows--but they had a fire and were closed. Then we went to some place I know in Redond/Kirkland on Rose Hill, but they weren't open yet and so we drove back to U-District and just picked some place on the Ave. Good food, and they gave us free rice pudding...

After that I dropped Kara off and met Matt at Molbak's. Matt, Kevin, Becca, and two strangers and I played frisbee in the parking lot. After about 45 minutes Matt and I took off to the beach. We just went down by the water to catch up and skip rocks. Once the sun had set we went to Red Robin and got fries and milkshakes. Our conversation during our snack got a little to appropriate for the restaurant so we brought it back to my house and bonded. hehe....

Today, I got together with Brandon and Dan. We went to lunch at Red Robin and then went driving around to get slurpees (I won a free slurpee with their Simpson's scratch off game, cool huh?) Then I dropped Brandon off at Lake Stevens and got lost in Snohomish--oops. Anyways, just finished washing my car and now I have to meet up with Courtney and later Bart.

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After a delicious dinner of stuffed yellow bell peppers, I washed my car. It's all pretty and sparkly. I also called the guy about the apartment Jen and I applied for, but from the sound of his answering machine he already picked the people. Sadness. Anyways, met up with Courtney and we got coffee and walked around by the water. We sat on this dock for a while--which always reminds me of how scary I think water is. Just one of those stupid phobias, but eating my pink frosting cookie helped. Hehe... Now I'm just trying to download some songs, but my internet connection is so pathetically slow.