August 15th, 2000



I don't understand... I actually have time off and that's when I get sick. Spent all day in bed... argh. Don't know what it is. I did go get coffee with Amy at Coffee Republic tonight. It was so weird to be back there. Used to spend a lot of time there my freshman year of college. Each chair there brings back memories. Where I sat tonight reminded me of trivial pursuit, overalls, and bikes. Brings back good memories, just bad results. Weird feelings. I'm just glad that I've moved on from those things. It's really weird how things work out.

Anyway, on another note, Shane still hasn't e-mailed me. I'm becoming very discouraged. argh


I'm still in my pajamas, but damn it, they're comfortable. I made some nutritious and delicious mac and cheese today while watching Karate Kid on the Disney Channel. After spending too much money ordering some clothes from J. Crew, I think I'll finally go take a shower. Must make myself beautiful--ok so presentable will do for today :)
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