August 17th, 2000



Alright, so yesterday I couldn't go to sleep and today I can't stay awake. I've just mulled around on the couch all afternoon, watching movies.

Tomorrow it's back to the ER--gotta work with the day nurses...scary thought.

Oh Yeah

Bart and I had a great time last night. We went into Woodinville and grabbed some coffee at Starbucks. Our total came to $6.66, so Bart changed his drink. The guy thought we were really weird. Then half way through our drinks we decided we felt like brownies. So we headed back to my house and made frosted brownies. While they were baking I had Bart read the e-mails to and from Shane, and he doesn't think I scared him--but you never know. Once the brownies were done, we enjoyed them while watching "Undressed," before hitting the hottub. After a dip, neither of us were tired so we watched some "Crocodile Hunter" on the Discovery Channel. Now that's one amusing show ;)