September 4th, 2000



It's been quite a long time since I've updated. I've been thinking about changing what I put in my journal, but I have not been hit with any bits of inspiration. So it's back to my typical "life" updates. Today has been a good day. I looked at this super cute house yesterday and the guy called back today and wants my credit information to check our credit. Sounds promising!! I also got an e-mail from Shane today. He said that he hasn't checked his e-mail lately because he doesn't have a monitor at his new apartment and hasn't been home much to check. Who knows how much truth there is in that, but oh well, he wrote me. Well, I'm going to go do some gardening right now, then take a nap. I have to work the night shift tonight. Later all.

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I'm at work now. I have to go change though. I don't think they'd allow me to work in my black party pants and sandals... (I'm wearing a shirt too, but that's acceptable attire). I get to do some flirting tonight--Greg's here. Flirting is fun. Yeah for me.

I had coffee tonight with Rachel. That was a lot of fun. The Starbuck's closed an hour early, so we wandered through the grocery store. Surprisingly that was really interesting. Anyway, off to flirt... uh. I mean work.