September 28th, 2000


So I was thinking....

I thought that now with cable connection I'd post more on my journal--which I guess, as of now, that is the case... But today we got digital cable for our viewing enjoyment. We've already watched two movies (it's only been installed for 4 hours) and until half an hour ago we remained in our pj's. An addiction it is, yes...hmmm....

(no subject)

Another interesting evening in my Math class. It seems so surreal to me. Today instead of reminiscing about Mr. Cook's high school math class, I sat back and observed the people in the class. One guy in particular intrigued me. I don't know if I'm reading him wrong, but I got the distinct impression that he scoped out the class on the first, found the girl he's interested in, and today spent his time, "working" his magic (and believe me, it was about as effective as failing to pull a rabit out of a hat). I admit that at parties I find one guy as my target and it's my goal to "get" him, but that's never been a tactic of mine in a class. That almost seemed like his first mission--and Calculus wouldn't be the class I'd choose for that (many more guys than girls). Anyway, just thought I'd share.