December 21st, 2000


(no subject)

Here's what I have to say:
My house is a freaking mess.
My feet hurt like they were stepped on by an elephant.
I love the attention of boys.
And male attention is good. :)


I feel like complaining for a moment here. I'm tired of guys just wanting a piece. I mean, I definitely admit that some non-committal action can be loads of fun and even stress relieving, but I'm tired of that. My theory is that the way guys act is either because they're just being friendly or they want ass. There's no in between--although some guys are rather good at disguising ass as a desire for a relationship. In the reverse I would say that girls are either friendly or want some level of commitment. And, obviously, with two entirely different tactics, relations between men and women can be very difficult. Changing the way that males and females act is nearly impossible, rather I believe in a policy of honesty. If people are just up front about what they want and what their intentions are, the less trouble we'll all get into. So, I guess that for now I'll continue to just float around this world, naive to what's happening around me. Because frankly it's a hell of a lot easier playing dumb than it is to make an attempt to figure out what's going on in my life....