December 29th, 2000


Rediscovered and Revamped

A long forgotten mission: the Jamboree. Yes, for those who remember, it's back. Kara and I spent the evening together and without even trying, the mission soon focused on our long forgotten search. It took us awhile to get back into things, but I think with a break from this aggravating search we're ready to put our hearts back into it.

In other news we saw What Women Want tonight and besides being cheesy (any movies with happy endings are cheesy) I thought it was a good movie. Entertaining to say the least :)


I'll be the first to admit that rumors can be pretty amusing, especially when they're about yourself and totally off base. However, since I'm the type of person that overanalyzes things, when I start to think about possible consequences of a rumor, it's not so fun anymore. So, as the rumor goes, I guess I made out with some guy at a party before Christmas (the funny part is that I really wouldn't mind if the rumor was true). Well, in thinking about it, I realize the parties involved in this rumor have been ignoring me (haven't returned my calls/e-mails--and they're usually good about it). And this sucks, because if they actually are upset or something with me, they have no right to be. However, I heard this information in the strictest of confidence and am not allowed to divulge to previously mentioned parties. So for now, I remain the evil whore...

...who could use some HELP. Any suggestions of how to dissolve the rumor or deal with the situation would be highly appreciated :) :) :)
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