January 3rd, 2001


Two Things

1: I'm absolutely sad and pathetic when it comes to getting over guys--I swear it's half the guy's fault for continuing to lead me on. But in reality, people, when they're interested in someone, are easily led on.

2: I really want to go dancing! And not the club style stuff (although I wouldn't mind that either). I mean swing, salsa, waltz, any of those. On Saturday nights, at the Seattle Center House they have dance lessons from 7-8 and a live band from 8-11 and it's only $7 for both the lesson and dance. I used to go back in high school and had an absolute blast. Some of my friends showed interest in going and it has me all pumped. Jen and I spent over an hour teaching ourselves swing and salsa moves from little quicktime videos on some website.

(no subject)

well, so far I like my classes this quarter. I'm a bit worried about inorganic chemistry, but I'm gonna stick with it. My seminar seems like it'll be cool. There are 5 people in there, all female. Only issue I have with it is that it's 3 hours long. oh well :-)