April 12th, 2001


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feel icky, want to go back to sleep... but i have to finish math and also be in bed at a decent hour to be up by 6am tomorrow... such is life... But the true point to this entry. Last night at work was the first time I've ever cried about a patient (thankfully he didn't die, but back to the story). A 30 yr-old man came by ambulance into our ER about 430am after a witness saw him have two grand mal seizures. I quickly gave him an ECG, which showed completely normal heart rythms. Although I'll admit he seemed a bit confused, but not overtly sick. Not long after I left the room, the man started seizing again. We had to restrain him to the bed (with soft restraints) so he wouldn't injure himself any further. A natural course of action for a seizure patient is to get a CT (usually called CAT) scan of the head. Because of his instability the nurse and doctor walked him over to CT with me. I stayed there to watch the scan and I know that I really don't what I'm looking at on the CT films, but when I saw a dark black lesion on the right side of his brain--it didn't look good. Turns out, at 30 yrs old this man has a serious brain tumor that he was completely unaware of before coming into our ER. To me, that's just scary and the tumor, to my untrained eyes, looked big... at some points it seemed about the radius of a tennis ball... explains the seizures and his confusion (he thought he was in Chicago at school). So yeah... that made me sad when I got home... but I'm better now. I wish the man the best of luck, and my prayers are with him.....