June 24th, 2002


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what a weekend... started off with a bang--good times to be had for the solstice at golden gardens.... then it all went downhill on saturday... injured my elbow (I was told today by two docs that I'm now developping bursitis of the elbow---if I run my hand along the tip of my elbow, it feels like there's sand in there)... Quite the change from last saturday (which was far more entertaining)...then I found out my cousin got in an accident and is in a coma (he's still in a coma, but doing alright)... it was just not my weekend... plus I was all 'hungover' at work today from taking a vicodin to be able to sleep.... thankfully I don't work unti late tomorrow and can sleep for a while.... Plus I know that my week can only get better... right?? :-P