January 2nd, 2003


(no subject)

Got my Northwestern Application done and sent out by Fedex....phew....

After learning a few more details last night and this afternoon, I'm beginning to conclude that everyone in my group had a weird New Year's Eve. The younger sister of one of our good friends ended up making with two of the boys (one 5 years older and the other 7 years older). The older of those two boys got pissed off for some reason, ditched the party and walked the two miles to home. I ended up attempting to pursue one man at the beginning of night, using another guy at the second party as a distraction and somehow ended up staying at his house. Now it appears that guy one is creeping out one of my friends by weird e-mails. Looks as though I made a good decision on boys for the night. And overall I have a more calm feeling entering the year.... That will change, but it's at least a good way to start things out.