January 22nd, 2003


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Big time dilemma here.... Dawson's Creek is on tonight from 8-9 and it's new... However, the Bachelorette is also on, but for some reason it's an hour and a half special from 830-10. I think the plan, and Elizabeth agrees, is to watch the Bachelorette, and tape Dawson's.

Too much info about my 'boyz'

Sometimes (well, all the time), I just don't get men. So as far as I was concerned things were going well with the boy. We'd had good times when we'd gone out, good conversations... to me, all positive signs. However, when I left his house last week, he said he would call me later in the week. Well, it's now like 9 days later and I haven't heard from him.

The funny little twist to it all is that his good friend is searching for a job at a hospital, so I said that I would check my managers about any hirings. I attempted to call him on Monday about this, but the phone number I had ended up being some chick who works for the United Way--obviously a wrong number. So I sucked it up, called the boy, and left a message to ask for his friend's number.

I get a call today, but it's from the boy's friend about the job stuff. So, the boy wasn't even willing to call me to give me his friend's number. Tonight his friend is coming over to drop off some resumes. I'm trying to think if there's anyway I can say something clever that I might be able to get from the friend where the boy is coming from. But I honestly have NO clue how I could word things.

Oh well, I guess if I can't think of anything, I should just accept the fact that it's obvious he's no longer interested. It's too bad though, we could have had quite a bit of fun.