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[03 Feb 2003|04:10pm]
As I tell more people about the events of friday night, I'm piecing together a very bizarre (almost surreal evening). It started off with drinking beer from a keg on my back porch--not a normal occurence. And of course that resulted in a slightly tippsier than normal Lindsay. I ended up calling (because Loholt gave me the phone) this dude Colin that wouldn't leave me alone at the last Kennedy Brothers outing. He got pissed at me this friday because I wasn't paying enough attention to him. Damn those boys for making me call him. Then of course there was Watson's insisting that I go home with him so we could make out. And when I decided that returning to my own home was the safest option, I realize that because of some miscommunication (compounded by my drinking) I was left at the bar, all alone. So, as I start to walk home, I call Adam and then soon find myself at his house.... (don't get your hopes up, nothing fun and exciting happened).... but it wasn't exactly a normal night.

My goal is to have a normal Friday one of these days :)
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