February 9th, 2003


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So the concert last night was out of control. Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts. I'm well aware that most of my readers do not share my love for the country music, but dude, I had a rad (yes, I just said rad) time. Although I could probably accurately say that in the Seattle area there hasn't been that many right wing individuals in one confined area.... at least in quite a while.

Today I've been relatively productive. Did some reading with Amy, went to dinner with my parents, then went out with Amy again to attempt to write my paper.... and here's where the evening got slightly more interesting for me.

So, there's this guy that I've been interested in since New Year's and we've hung out off and on, but I haven't heard from him in almost a month. Admittedly he was out of town for almost three of those weeks, but still I was doing my best to move on from the situation. However, since I didn't have any sort of closure I was having a hard time moving on. My plan was that I would call him tonight and either make plans to see him again, or realize in talking to him that things are over. Either way I'd move on from where I am now.

I build up the courage to call at about 730 tonight. And damn it, his phone is busy. Phones are never busy these days--so few people don't have call waiting, it's ridiculous (ok, so I don't, but that's cause I'm cheap and have a cell phone as well). About every 20 minutes I tried to call again, and still busy. After about an hour and a half, I was getting super frustrated. I figured if I wanted to call it had to be tonight, because I work the next two nights and after that it really starts to be way to long past the last time I saw him. As I was about to call him again, my phone rings... and the strangest thing is that it's him. We only talked for a brief period of time, but he invited me to a party at his house next weekend. And I'm supposed to call him later this week so that maybe we can hang out again. Anyway, I thought it was way creepy that he called as I was trying to call him, but I'm actually really glad that he did the calling....

So, we'll see. I'm not holding my breath in the situation, but I am glad that we've reestablished contact.