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[22 Feb 2003|02:59pm]
Last night did not exactly turn out as I expected. . .
Original Plan: Go to happy hour with friends, chill at home for a few hours, join Alan to wish him a Happy Birthday, attend Eli's party and get intoxicated.

Actually Events: Only managed to go to happy hour and get intoxicated. I got stuck being a DD for my friends post happy hour (which was awesome--I even ate and enjoyed sushi). Ended up going to the Duchess to play some pool and I could not turn down the cheap pitchers of high life (there went my job as DD). So, I had no choice but to follow the crowd. Decided to keep drinking and chill with my friends as they attempted to complete the Century Club Challenge. Quite the amusing endeavor. I had a really good evening though and managed not to be too hung over today. :-)

Hockey game tonight.
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