May 11th, 2003


(no subject)

Crazy time this weekend.... 8 shots on friday, met some rugby boys, got tackled on the dance floor, made some inappropriate phone calls, and finally passed out at 3 (alone--thank goodness, we had a scare about that before heading out for the night).

Yesterday, Hadar and I did a bit of a lunch recap of the evening. Gotta have my friends help me fill in the hazy moments. Met up with my parents for dinner. Went to a going away party for one of the docs at work. And the best part is that my hottie hot resident was there. Oh and this restaurant/bar was filled with so many attractive men (and of course with that some skanky chicks). After I went with Diana and Slavica to some small get together up north. More attactive men... didn't end up leaving there until like 430--weird evening.

Today I'm gonna take it easy. Make some chocolate covered strawberries. Head to the parents and relax tonight.... get some dessert with bex...