July 22nd, 2003


(no subject)

This is not my week so far. I blew up my computer. Somehow the CPU was inserted incorrectly (not my fault) and upon turning the computer on, it sparked the mother board, and post a few flames, the whole computer went dead. I escaped trying to fix my computer with cuts all over my right hand and even a cut on my right foot--don't ask. Then, I finally give in, purchase a new motherboard and case (along with a new harddrive and ram), but it seems that I forgot a video card and have to wait until wednesday to take care of that... and to top it all off, I decided to drive to work today because I have to leave for a stupid Benefits meeting, and as I try to back out my driveway I realize that I have a flat tire. Don't know when in the hell I can take care of that... ARGH!!!!