October 16th, 2003


(no subject)

The week didn't start off too well. I was in a sour mood all day tuesday, but the week has gotten progressively better. I partook in some bona fide stalking on tuesday evening. And while it may have been a guy that I might be interested in, the stalking was neither my doing nor my idea. Regardless, it was successful--we actually ran into and talked to him--, but not nearly as fufilling as my stealth stalking missions from long ago with Kya. And speaking of Kya, I'm trying to plan a trip down to San Diego. Hopefully I can go sometime in december, when I've had enough of our gloomy weather and have forgotten what the sun is like. On a positive note, I got my MCAT scores back and actually did better this time. Makes me happy that I went through the pain of taking them again.