October 27th, 2003


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I attempted to make some sort of meaningful (well at least to me) post this afternoon from work about boys. Mostly about how I get tired of how a boy can ultimately end up dictating so easily my moods just based on how often I communicate with him and the quality of that communication. But my work computer hates me and refused to let me post.

Tonight was a busy evening. Met with Elizabeth for coffee. It was good talking about life. Plus she thankfully read my application essay and I feel better about it.

Then Jen and I went up to Olive Garden. We had a crazy server. Both of us ordered red wine, but the dude decided it was wine tasting night. So he let us sample like 7 wines before we picked what we wanted. Besides having good conversation--first time in a long time we've really just chatted--we also got in some good Target shopping. Probably needed to walk off all the wine too.

Now I'm home and about to pass out from Monday exhaust. argh, the start of another long week. oh well :)