February 4th, 2004


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I am starting to believe that my job is a serious health hazard. On my current project, I spend a good portion of my time performing my experiments in one of the many cold rooms (set to 4 degrees celsius). On Monday I was informed that the cold room would be shut down for some sort of repairs. Naturally I was annoyed--I have a lot of solutions, plates, equipment in there that I need for my project. All I needed was another obstacle to prevent me from finishing my project. I got over it.

However, today, when I walked past the door to the cold room, I noticed a shoddy piece of cardboard taped across the door handle, preventing entry. On it read: "Do not Enter. Bio-hazard." So I've been spending the last 4 months in this room exposing myself to some sort of biohazard that's slowly eating away at me. Well, maybe not, but I've started to blame my headaches on a rare mold that attacks my brain. Hmm... I think I need more sleep :) Will inform you if cold room hazard is contagious....