March 19th, 2004


(no subject)

Safe and sound back from Chicago. I was not pleased that it was snowing there, although it made me appreciate the cold sunshine in Seattle far more. The trip was a success. Interview went well--ok, so the first one went great and the second one went all right, so it all balances out well. The small town of Waukegan around the school isn't my favorite, but you do your third and fourth year rotations down in the city, so that's cool. It isn't as though I'll have a ton of time my first and second years to worry about how isolated the town is. The traveling portion of the trip was probably the best. We got first class both directions--gotta love my mom and her fantabulous flying benefits. Going it wasn't that big of a deal since it was so early. Although we did have a relaxing glass of wine before landing. Coming home, however, it was the greatest. It had just been a rather taxing day (even if interviews go well they still suck the energy out of you) and being the 'alcoholic' that I am, I wanted a nice drink. So, six/seven drinks later, we landed in seattle and life was much better.

Now it's the weekend, gonna have some fun at Chopstix tonight and of course there's happy hour tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some cleaning done this weekend as well, but we shall see.