April 8th, 2004


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I get a lot of stupid thirteen year old AOL users adding me to their friend's lists just because they have a friend named Lindsay. Usually I'll take a look at their userinfo or even peruse a journal entry or two. Ya know, just in case it is someone I know or someone who could be cool enough to get to know. However at least 75% of the time I can't even decipher their bios enough to know who they are. The whole chat language of the young teens is completely beyond me. Makes me feel really old that I genuinely can't figure out what the hell they're saying. Then again, I don't really care.

On another note today has been an oddly interesting day. I didn't go into work so that I could spend the day with my parents. It was rather enjoyable as well. Went up to the tulip festival, had lunch and did some outlet mall shopping. I had every intention of going into work for at least a little while. But I went on a mission to find Tricky for my GBA. No luck. And then even after I got home I was going to go in and set up some PCR's, but then Watson called (which was weird) and we talked for over an hour. While I was talking to him, Toby called (who only seems to call to chat when drunk--after I've texted him all night) and then Elizabeth calls (and we never talk on the phone). After I talked to Watson I went to dinner with Toby. And since Matt and Quinn and watching a movie and ignoring me, I shall go over to Joey's and have a glass of wine.