June 14th, 2004


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Last week was super busy. Birthday went pretty well. Had breakfast with Alissa in the AM, went to work for a few hours. Met up with a bunch of friends for pizza and carafe of wine (shared with Amy my true drinking buddy) and then it was off to Chandlers for sushi and martini's. Ended the night rather late at someone else's apartment, which made for a very groggy Thursday. Couldn't get too much done at work, pretty much my day was just going to lunch with my coworkers (two of my coworkers finally saw the GWB and they both commented that they liked his hair--which was really messy ;) ). After a long nap Thursday afternoon, I met up with Amy and Adam at the Duchess. It's not only been ages since I've been to the duchess, it's been ages since I hung out with Amy and Adam without tons of other people. It was a much needed change. Friday night was crazy as always with the Kennedy Brothers. Naturally had a blast--got my traditional Black Cock Penis Cake from Marlana, KBros sang me happy birthday (and wished me luck in NY), had lots of liquor, danced on stage, the usual. The only thing unusual was spraining my ankle while jumping out of Watson's Dad's car back at our apartment. Thankfully Watson was kind enough to carry me upstairs and he and Marlana took care of me. Three Oxycodones later and I was feeling much better--despite the large tangerine size bump on my ankle. Marlana left at like 3 and Watson and I stayed up until like 5a. Felt miserable all day Saturday and finally went to the ER. Thankfully nothing was broken and I can happily say the ankle feels much better. I'm hoping for a slightly less eventful week :)