July 2nd, 2004


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I just had a very large coffee drink, hoping I don't have a sugar/caffeine crash here soon. Life has been crazy lately. My ankle is still causing me a lot of grief, but such is life. Definitely been trying to enjoy my remaining time with my friends. Amy and I did some bonding two weeks ago at a bbq drinking 40's of Mickey's Ice. We were "accused" of going to Central because only Central girls could throw their forty back like us. Last weekend was the camping trip. While it wasn't as nice as the lake (partially for the cabin ammenities, but more for the tradition of being at the Lake). We had 23 people up there which made for some loud campsites--we kept getting in trouble with the park rangers, but we managed not to get kicked out. I pretty much spent the weekend intoxicated--as I should while camping. It was nice to return home to a shower though. This week I went to an M's game on wednesday and a group of us drank dollar pints of PBR last night. Bart ended up crashing at our place. We stayed up until almost 3 talking--he leaves on Wednesday for Europe for at least a year. Combination of reminiscing about the good ol' days, talking about both of our departures and 5 and a half pints of PBR got me all teary eyed. But I recovered and we had a grand ol' time. Tonight is the Kennedy Brothers. Hard to believe that including tonight I only have 3 times left!!!