August 9th, 2004



This past month has been out of control busy.  Had fantastically successful going away party at apartment, got everything moved out and flew to NY.  Got settled into apartment, had panic attack, and then finally met my roommates.  Love roommates, spent last week partying...  ran into dude (who goes here) I met at a party 2 years ago and again a year later at work--remember meeting him both times, but didn't realize it was the same dude both times.  and the funny thing is that I was attracted to him both times.  And of course am finding self attracted again.  But all news spreads like wildfire in this class, so I need to be careful.  I'm not holding my breath by any means, but it's a fun distraction.  Open bar last monday at the thirsty turtle, dinner cruise with open bar on wednesday in manhattan, yankee game then fantastic party at our apartment on friday, and finally sushi and drinks above timesquare on saturday.  Today was the first day of class and let me just say 'WHOA!'  Anatomy is overwhelming, but hopefully I can figure it all out :)  hopefully I'll be able to update relatively frequently.
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