August 31st, 2004


(no subject)

Grr, my school's network is driving me crazy.  I stopped being able to use mIRC last week as well as download Bitorrents.  I wasn't surprised that the network will block those.  However, the school decided to close port 22 which means that I can't access the ftp site for myuw.  And I now have no access to all the pictures that I have stored.  My only option seems to be to take my laptop to a T-mobile hotspot and then pay to be able to get my files off.  Grr...  On another note I'm trying to decide if I want to download MS SP2.  I know that a number of programs stop working when the service pack is installed.  I figured since I'm already having massive problems being able to run programs on my computer because of the school's closed ports I should check to see what else I might lose.  And on the short list that MSFT has listed (and I know there are more) Semagic (what I'm currently using to update my journal) is one of them.  Grr... this is frustrating.