November 9th, 2005


(no subject)

I'm getting so tired of hearing people bitch about Washington's attempt at banning smoking. California and New York have both successfully banned smoking in the bars, and I can surely tell you that attendance has not suffered. I'm just tired of coming home from WA bars with my clothes and hair smelling like an ash tray. I choose not to smoke--probably in big part because I've had two close relatives die from lunch cancer--And I don't enjoy that the smoke is forced upon when I go to a bar. Sure I could choose not to go to bars, but that's not really a viable option for me. I'm not the one directly throwing carcinogens into the air. I look forward to the ban. My lungs will be thankful.

Life without FX

When I moved a year and a half ago I lost FX. Due to my school's cable I have no ability to obtain this channel. I immediately purchase the seasons when they come out on DVD, however my patience is pretty low and was curious if anyone had suggestions of where else I may be able to see these episodes. I do have to say that also due to my school's internet I'm unable to use P2P, mIRC or bittorrent downloads. Any thoughts? I'm dying without nip/tuck.