January 2nd, 2007


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I love how the only thing that gets me to write in livejournal is boys....Since my series of bad boy stories I stayed on the DL for awhile. Had a brief relapse in Montreal. And by relapse I mean really bad decision about a boy at the bar. My judgement while drunk is such crap. Hormones definitely make my decisions for me. Sometimes I feel like a boy in that regard.

After my horrible boy luck I started to stay in more and perhaps tame my drinking adventures. I kept to safer things like flirting with classmates. The safe variety of flirting though--the type that doesn't result in the oops, my bad in the morning.

And then I come home for Christmas. Apparently months of being good results in a lot of pent up stuff. This past friday at the Kennedy Brothers I took a liking to our bartender/server. The pictures of us at the bar make me look like a stage 5 clinger--circa Wedding Crashers. Then came NYE. Unlike myself, I found a guy that I took a liking to at the beginning of the evening. I even approached him. I think living in New York has made me aggressive. He even told me I was aggressive. I'm not sure if I like this new side. But i guess there's nothing wrong with going after what you like. Long story short, ended up back at his place until close to 3p the next day. I think the funniest part of the evening was my friends' responses the next day. I walked into Elizabeth's apartment to 4 girls attacking me with quesitons. And of course Dave coming out and yelling "walk of shame" at me. I deserved it really. Apparently that night they were all trying to cock block me. Trying to get me to go home. Sounds like Dave was the only one that thought I should be able to make my own decisions--probably just so he could make fun of me in the AM. I guess they also talked about me at breakfast. Something about comparing this new years to four years ago when I met Toby. I certainly did have some flashbacks from that night. However, this entire situation will end far differently. As in, it's already ended.

I only have 5 days left in Seattle. It's always tough leaving. But next year I can do about 3 months of rotations away and I'd like to come back for at least part of that.