Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I wake up this morning, a bit groggy from our late evening (or as Andrea said, "a little peeked"). I expect it to be a rather uneventful morning--take a shower, leisurely get dressed while listening to some of my newly burned CDs. But no, as I open my door, what do I find but a dead herring, with its tail chopped off, at my feet. At Carli and Chelsea's door there is a pile of pine cones and a deer skull on a stick leaning against the wall across from their door. Andrea's door is decorated with pinecones and two herring delicately sitting on top. Paul and Jim must be a bit bitter that we not only stole their beer last night, but also Paul's dowser sticks (uh, yeah, Paul thinks he's a water witch, so we had to take his toys from him). Well, the game is just beginning and tonight we strike again. Little do they know who they're messing with. HA

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