Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Wow, it's been a rather long time since I've updated this. Either I'm going to try to keep this brief, it'll definitely be longer than my average update.

The quarter ended up at Friday Harbor uneventfully--paper got finished, presentation went rather well, had to say good bye to some super awesome people. Overall, a fabulous quarter and really too short.

To end the quarter, Jen and I decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing and stress-relieving weekend up at Whistler. Not to ski, but to spa rather. However, as we soon learned, the weekend was far from relaxing. On our way up, in a pathetic plastic saturn lacking the ever-so important four-wheel drive we got stuck in a blizzard. Had to ditch the car, hitch a ride with a crazy drunk man, smoking hash. Finally made it though 11 hours after we started the journey (normally the trip takes 3 hours). Got a bit of christmas shopping done, but only spent one day in the spa. The steam room was closed and that's the main reason we go there. I realize how pathetic this may sound, but it's the truth. Then we struck another dilemma--our car wouldn't make it up, how would it make it down?? So frantically the night before we left we started figuring out if we could do public transportation--greyhound looked to be our best option. And thankfully Kenji was going to be our savoir (by picking us up in Bellingham, driving us to La Conner to get my car, and then transport a bunch of our stuff back in his car. We were incredibly greatful for his generosity. However, thankfully we didn't have to bus it back to the states. The roads cleared up and we took to the roads. Took us a bit of time to drive back (6 hours), but definitely not as long as the trip up.

So, I get home late on wednesday night, only to unpack my car, repack my suitcase and head to my parents house to leave for the airport in about 3 hours time. It was off to California to visit Quinn and family for christmas eve. That trip was far more relaxing. Arcata feels more like home than even here--although the bungalow is a close second :) And it definitely helped that I got first class on the way back and enjoyed the free cocktail service.

I got home late on christmas eve, about midnight, made some Kraft Dinner and went straight to bed. For Christmas my parents gave me the money for a digital camera, a necklace and a sweater. Definitely can't wait to get my camera. Yippee.

And since then I've really just been working. Last night I played a bit of drunken risk, ended up drinking about 8 beers by the end of the game and passed out.... the worst part is that I woke up about 2 hours later to two guys pinning me down and drawing on my stomach. How rude.

Right now I'm gonna head to bed, and hopefully be more on top of my journal updates.

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