Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. Good time as always at Kya's. Seemed to be a bit of drama though. Id di my best to stay out of it. Instead I just brought the friends that drank too much and puked all over the place. Oh and I was the receiver of a number of lame lines. Here are two of my favorites:

In the process of running away from some drama I venture into to freezing outdoors and chat it up with a pretty cool guy. However after awhile it just gets too cold.
Me: "Damn, it's cold out here."
Guy: "No kidding, you could have worn more clothes."
Me: "That's no fun, but I could go inside."
Guy: "Or we could make out, that'd warm you up."

But my favorite line...

Guy: "So what do you do?"
Me: "I work in an Emergency Room" (I like saying this over student because it sounds far more impressive)
Guy: "Yeah that's cool. So you know shit like CPR right?"
Me: "Yeah, among other things"
Guy: "So, cool, wanna practice on me?"

Guys, learn that these are funny, and used to be funny, perfect, but to get ass, not advised--unless the girl is so trashed it doesn't matter what you say :)

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