Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Everyone seems to be in a definite complaining mood with valentine's today. I'll be the first to admit it's not my favorite holiday being single, but the fact is that it's a holiday made for couples and that's cool. I'm not in a couple so I don't celebrate it. I do kinda wish we could resort back to the elementary way of celebrating however with cards bought from payless (when there was a payless) of your favorite cartoon character and all those hours spent picking out the perfect conversation hearts for the cute boys in your classes. And of course the days after the holiday spent reading too much into what the conversation hearts said that you were given by the cute boys (when you now very well know that the boy's mom's probably did most of the work for the cards). I reminisce on those days with a smile. And I can't help but laugh because I haven't changed... When I was handing out the hearts at work, I appropriately distributed them. Ahh the joys of being young at heart. I've rambled on enough, time to go buy some birthday presents.

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