Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I had this really bizarre dream last night. I was a part of this mountain bike race where the winner is not only based on how fast they finish but how many points they get. At certain points along the trails there are brief detours that are considered more difficult terrain and you can recieve anywhere from 1-10 points for each detour. Well, since I didn't really want to be doing the race I was playing it safe, but since I had the safety cell phone I was staying with my friends (who happened to be my roommates from sophomore year--the ones I don't talk to anymore). Anyway, at one point the detour was all water and you had to bike through water about 3 feet deep and on either side of the supposed path there were whirlpools that could suck you in. Well, my ex roomies naturally took the path, but one of them, C, got sucked into the whirlpool and so J had to help her out. She ripped a tree out of the ground (I'm still trying to figure out where she got a tree since at this point she was stuck in the water) and was shoving it down the whirlpool so that C could grab on. I was frantically use my cell phone as a walkie talkie to request assistance, but the stupid person that was supposed to help was so caught up in the formalities of walkie talkie use (proper use of names.... Henry 12 to Henry 13.... and then I didn't say that we were experiencing a 499 at location 5-3-7...blah blah blah). So I started to scream into the walkie talkie saying that henry whoever was killing this girl because he wouldn't get off his lazy ass to help... and then all of a sudden J's plan worked and C was above ground again. . . At that point the phone rang... but I'm still reeling from being disturbed......

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