Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I admit it.... I'm an only child. I think for the most part I do a pretty good job of keeping that monster at bay, but every year around this time, there's no use in trying, the only child wants to celebrate it's birthday. I've managed to tame this beast throughout the years--I don't expect everyone to stop what they're doing to entertain me for the day as though I'm a queen. Rather, I've come to believe it's my parent's responsible. And I realize this may be unfair to them, however it's better than putting this task on all of my friends. However, the selfishness can't be contained in just that. I want to have my birthday to do what I want--yet this year it'll be spent forgetting that it's my day and remembering pchem and epidemiology. I made the conscious decision to postpone my birthday for a week, but that's really just so I can have an excuse to get my friends together to drink. So, I guess my only point in posting this lengthy (and whiny) bit of useless information is that I need to vent. And although a few of my close friends do read this I'm not using this to vent to them... rather I'm using livejournal as more of a faceless outlet to my selfish frustrations. Enjoy :)

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