Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Ahh... finally made it home safe... So here's my evening. Went and saw Gladiator. I loved the movie--definitely gory, made me cringe, but I surely got my money's worth. Spent some time getting ready and then headed off with Blythe to a party, then another party.... then another party. Two-thirds of the parties got busted--damn good ratio if you ask me. About to head off to bed (but there's too much crap on it). Although who knows if the nose from upstairs will keep me awake (you think getting busted once tonight would be enough). They just turned their music up incredibly loud (if I wanted I could have had my own dance party down here). The bitch neighbor responded to the increased noise with a rude, "BE QUIET!" to which the boys promplty replied, "FUCK YOU!!" Although the music was immediately turned down. So the point to the whole story is that now I can sleep... YEAH!!

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