Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Another weird dream. Except this time I was Monica from Friends---pre-Chandler. I got into a disagreement with Rachel and needed to get out of the apartment. So I went to this place that hace oversized 'table games'--the pool balls and tables are at least twice as big, etc. Well, after I finished a rousing game of pool by myself I noticed a girl that looked like Rachel and by this time being alone I felt the need to talk to people... so I went over to try to strike up conversation. However, she proved to be rather unfriendly. Although the guy she was sitting next to her wasn't. He had recently eaten at my restaurant and seen me there--he'd eaten there three times since that time because he loved the food and the 'view'. Anyway, as we were walking out of the restaurant to go god knows where, I woke up... always waking up when things get exciting...

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