Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Last night ended up being such a blast. Although, if you think about it, anything following a ten hour medical college admissions test is going to be fun. Way more people showed up at the house than I expected. hmm... let's see, trying to remember who was here.... Amy, Elizabeth, Quinn, Me (of course), Heather, Justin, Joey, James, Jacob, Chris, Alan, Alex, Tim, Bart, and Dave.... and I was expecting it to be just us girls :-). We decided to spare the guys the horrors of Belltown Billiards and since more were willing, we ended up at the ballroom. Although somehow Tim, Alan, and his friend still ended up at Belltown. Also, some people went there to meet us, but I was not thinking about these things.... four shots, a mind eraser, rum and coke, smirnoff ice, and a long island, pretty much kept me nice and intoxicated the whole night. Even managed to find some hottie boys at the ballroom to entertain myself with. Great way to finish off the MCATs :-P
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