Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Dude, it's like 7pm for me right now and I feel like I should be eating dinner. I figure I need to sleep sometime soon so that I can attempt to adjust to some sort of normal schedule. Whatever that may be.

Hung out with the girls tonight--as always it was great to catch up and chit chat about all those fun girlie things. I didn't miss entirely too much while I was away.

And by the way, Tokyo was fantastic. Some highlights.... cooking dinner on a part of mt. fuji (and I mean we cooked our food on mt. Fuji stone), clubbing in Shibuya (crazy ass place), brewery tour at Kirin Beer Village, walking through the imperial palace eating ice cream, being doused in smart smoke at Asakusa Temple, learning to live with being completely illiterate in a foreign country and feeling like a complete minority, and of course international first class to and from Tokyo (it'll be so hard to go back)... The only bad thing, besides 90 degree weather, was the lack of fountain diet coke. Fixed that tonight however :)

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