Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Employees are so friendly at QFC :-) Every guy I walked by at the store greeted me and asked how my day is going. Now, I don't know if this is policy (Jarred??) but I did find it a bit strange that even the guys at the deli, way in the back, felt it necessary to stop their conversation to say hi ;-)

And on another thought, I was wondering today why is it when a guy and a girl are just hookin' up (repeatedly), but the guy never bothers to communicate with the girl, that people automatically assuming that he's using her and he's a jerk. Isn't there the slightest possibility that the girl is perfectly satisfied with this situation and essentially they are using each other??? In the wise words of Bob Seger, "I used her. She used me. But neither one cared, we were gettin' our share."

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